Trying moments

There comes a point in time when one refers to life as “unfair”. Most people have been through so much that a lot of times, their efforts seem to be working against them. In the midst of all these huddle, there is a constant reminder and lesson that life is all we make of it. Sure, at a point, it seems quite unpredictable but if we accept all its curves and edges and make the most of it, it plays out beautiful.

For instance, I am an extremely sensitive person. Constantly thinking about the welfare of others that I neglect mine. Some might consider me foolish or naive🤗. Maybe I am both, but it does not change the fact that I am being me. I have been hurt countless times and even attempted building a wall around myself. But it all worked against me. In trying to protect me, I ended up almost living a fake life governed by the actions and opinions of others. The people that cherish you and appreciate you, even though few can definitely spice up your life. I realized too late that the quality of people I surround myself with greatly matters.

It is in that moment of discovering yourself with all its ugliness that we strive to be better. Gold is tested by fire and diamond needs to be polished to reveal it’s TRUE worth. During this trying moments, never forget or take for granted those who stood by you. They are invaluable.

Be yourself, your unique beautiful self. Always aim to improve daily. In all, never doubt your abilities and share your fears with those that have proven their loyalty during tough times. They mean well and their advice could be considered priceless.


Stay blessed.


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