Hunger for love

LOVE… that four letter words that seem plain at first,  but holds so much promise.  It’s significance can be felt in the core of our being as everyone longs to be loved.

According  to the words of Mother Teresa  “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”  This Cuts across all age groups, irrespective of career, norms,  culture and beliefs. The body can cope when starved away from food for some days but still bounces back when conditions are corrected, but this is not so when the soul is starved.

The Bible emphases the great effect of love and peace of mind even in the absence of food.  One would grow fatter on love and peace of mind,  than on the fattest and richest of meals. Love overlooks all offences,  forgives and makes room for a fresh start.  It’s not a wonder that those who learn to let go of hurts and tragedies of life and embrace a life full of love, soon learn that nothing brings peace of mind,  except love for God and neighbor.

So,  although achievements are applauded, even in society, one has to have the presence of love to crown it all.  In life the greatest and most vital ingredients to happiness are so invaluable,  that they come free for all to have a share of the pie.

The Hunger for love is definitely more difficult to quench as I have frequently observed the rich, the  famous and even celebrities, live lives of unhappiness, addiction and scars that stays for almost a lifetime.  Even the wealth and luxurious lives couldn’t bring contentment.

To me, Success is measured by the level of contentment and impact one contributes to the society and not by wealth.  This should be remembered as we raise our children,  knowing they are the future and thus,  need great values imbued into them. Let’s teach them to be proactive in bring solutions,  idea sharing and selfless service.  Only then can we spread our wings like eagles and soar with pride – content that we did the best we could at the moment,  increasing the prospects for the future. For wealth fades away,  but affecting lives positively stays forever even to generations to come.


Stay blessed.


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