Foot prints In Sand Of Time

As I compose this article in my room with my niece and nephew fast asleep, I am pretty distracted while multitasking, but at the same time focused, as they are a great source of inspiration. It is funny how sometimes in life, in the midst of our turmoil,  one can find peace and quiet. And strangely, I do.

The world is moving at so fast a pace and it’s so easy to get distracted and forget the connections that are more important and life-fulfilling – giving a listening ear and a helping hand,  family, relationships, love, etc. These actions things might appear little, but they actually play a great role in transforming lives.

The human soul longs for love and affection and balks in it.  Show love and affection to a physically or sexually abused person and with time you will watch then blossom before your eyes and the transformation will leave you flabbergasted because it’s so wonderful and powerful. The oppression, killing, and abuse in the world today stems from young ones that were not shown love and care and so hardened their hearts and the result of the violence in this world stems from the hurt they experienced. No one was bold enough to reach out to touch them and teach them differently.

To make the world better,  we need to stamp our foot with the vision to leave footprints that will stand the test of time. We need to be dedicated to this task and show as much love as we can to friends and foes alike. From our personal pain,  we can choose to draw strength and enlighten those hurting.  By doing this,  we also bring about our healing.

Everyone is hurting differently, and it’s not easy to face our fear,  but in order to be free,  we need to look at us and face our fears. That’s the only way to win and experience freedom. In this journey of life,  we are not alone, let’s lend others our strength.

I implore us all to spark up the lives of others to enable them to bloom the potential within them and lessen the hurt. Let’s pray for one another. With this,  I believe, even though it might take time,  a great transformation will follow with peace.


Stay blessed.



    1. Chinyere Okoh August 21, 2018 at 4:52 pm

      Thanks dear. Expecting more comments from you.


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